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  WordPress Bliss Hit Counter Plugin  

The WordPress Bliss Hit Counter plugin was previously known as BD Hit Counter. Bliss Hit Counter is an easy to install and use WordPress plugin that will embed in your blog a rotating counter, that will track and how the number of visitors you have had to your blog. This counter is popular because it is simple to install and works very well, leaving you with lots of options too.

How to Install the Bliss Hit Counter Plugin

1. Unzip the downloaded archive
2. Next extract the file
3. Upload the folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory
4. Located under the MaudePress admin interface you will activate the plugin. Go to Plugins > Bliss Drive Hit Counter > Activate
5. Go to Appearance on the Widgets menu, then drag to your sidebar the Bliss Counter plugin.

The default location of your blog counter will be the footer. If you want to change this location, all you have to do is go to your widgets page and then you can embed it wherever you like on your blog. You can also change the style of your counter so that it suits your blog. To do so go to settings, choose Bliss Hit Counter, and then choose preferred style.

Bliss Hit Counter Plugin Settings

The following are plugin settings you can control.

* Display in footer – toggles with checkbox
* Count unique visitors – toggle with checkbox
* Exclude IP address(s) – add one per line
* Alignment of Counter – choose right, center, left
* Credits – enable or disable
* Set hit counter to – you specify a number
* Automatically check for updates – enable or disable

To change plugin settings go to Settings > Bliss Hit Counter.

Having the ability to know how much traffic is making its way to your blog can be a valuable tool in helping you determine your marketing campaign(s) effectiveness and whether you want to make changes. Without an accurate traffic count, you will be creating campaigns blindly. Knowledge is power and Bliss Hit Counter is a free plugin that provides you with additional information that can help you make the right decision, when otherwise you would be resorting to your best guess.

You can find out more about the Bliss Hit Counter plugin at the developers page. Bliss Hit Counter is one of many free WordPress plugins. Be sure to learn more about these plugins that can make things easier for you.

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